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Meeting the NAHUA, NANTI & KIRINERI recently "contacted" natives, down the URUBAMBA river. Slideshows

PERU MILENARIO´s crew was on assignment for former  INDEPA
(PCM-Perú), shooting a documentary on recently contacted Nahua, Nanti and Kirineri people living  near and in the Camisea  Natural Gas project Block 88. 

The photos are edited in 05 albums.
1. The Low URUBAMBA river. From Sepahua to Pongo de Mainique.
2. Visiting Erenando and Noé , recently contacted Machiguenga-Kirineri
living deep down the Paquiría river.
3. The NAHUA people in Santa Rosa de Serjali, at the confluence of Mishagua & Serjali  rivers.
4. The NANTI villages Montetoni & Marankeato, on the high Camisea river, near the Manú river , in  Madre de Dios.
5. The NANTI people of SABABANTIARI village, at Ticumpinía river.

Each week we will publish one album.
The Nahua, Nanti and Kirineri are semi nomadic peoples who live in voluntary isolation in the Kugapakori, Nahua, Nanti State Territorial  Reserve, neighbouring the Urubamba river, and had little or no contact with the outside world. The peruvian government created the Reserve in 1990 to "protect these vulnerable people from outside intrusion".  Some ONG claim that both the state and the Camisea project are violating internationally recognized indigenous rights.    "We have  this deep fear  for our children and for the heritage that we will be left behind. Because our children will have children and our grandchildren to. But maybe we won´t existe anymore" claims Marianelli Mantaro, from Shivankoreni community.
We were overwhelmed by the astonishing diversity and beauty of the  landscape contrasted with the painful poverty of this proud peruvians. 

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